Biography and Poetics

Matteo Ponzi born in Rome on the 31st of January 1982, where he attended art school at Savino and subsequently the faculty of architecture at the sapienza. Drawing, painting, and sculpture, have always been bis greatest passions. After continuous study processes in the year 2000, a more active path began in the creation of high material works of art, of which the undisputed protagonist is the Moon. Matteo has always had a passion for this Satellite, but not being able to touch it, he started shaping it to feel closer to it.

The Moon is passion and obsession for him, it is study and experimentation that gives shape to the material, destroy it and give it a new life. Having color on your hands and your head full of dreams all reflecting in the Moon. His works is therefore born by talking with this fascinating Satellite, in which Matteo finds his maternal bond. He looks at it, photographs it, takes notes, he notes sensations and feelings, them he transforms emotions into different shapes and colors, but never alike since the artist by choice does not use molds.

All the Moons are made of poor materials, such as alluminum and silicon, which are altered and enriched in the fusion with pigments, acids, oxides, silver, and 24 carat gold. It is not however a simple and normal fusion, since both alluminum and silicon are brought to extreme alterations absolutly forbidden in normal foundries. Another peculiarity of his sculptures consists of the ways in which these can be exhibited; hung on the wall with or without a black iron panel as a background or supported by a simple pedestal. His art is strongly material, dynamic and gestural and it is during the moment of the fusion on the ground that the artist exercises all his creative power. Matteo’s sculptures are appreciated by many worlds and it is for each of these that he continues to create his Moons.

His creations are on display, permanently, from June 2019, in the gallery of his property located in Rome in Via del Pellegrino, 85; from the summer of 2014, these can also be admired during the months of April, May, June, July, August, and September at the Atelier on the Island of Ponza, and that is where Matteo, in December 2014, donated one of his creations to the astronaut Paolo Nespoli. There are many exhibitions in which Matteo has participated; in 2015 his Moons were exhibited in the Pavilion of the former Santa Maria of the Pity of Rome; in Dubai in 2016 at “Lugano Paradise Luxury Living Swiss”, in December 2016 at “The art of Vernissage”, at Toy Roof in Rome, in October 2017; at Castel dell’Ovo, in Naples in November 2018; in Australia at the Adelide Gallery in January 2019; at the hotel Hassler in Rome, in February 2019, during the exhibition “So surreal so pop liberation” and finally at the museum crocetti in Rome in June 2019.

It is also conspicuous the number of stars that pass in the Atelier. In fact, among his admirers there are many Vips like Marco Del Vecchio, important journalist’s like Bruno Vespa and Andrea Vianello and some members of the Trump family, of which Tiffany Trump and Maria Maples. To finish his Moons have appeared in the video clip of the song “Party like a Russian” by Robbie Williams and in the film “Un paese quasi perfetto”.

January 27, 2020