Super Moon Collection

The Super Moon Collection is born from the creative idea of the artist Matteo Ponzi who has created a limited edition collection of his artworks, inspired by a particular and specific Super Moon that can be observed in the coming years.

Twenty unique and limited edition Super Moon wich will be created every year, for five consecutive years.

In common the size of 25 cm diameter but diversified over the years in materials, that riching the work of art and make each series unique.

Five Super Moon that will be a special and single piece of art, at the end of the Collection.

At the temporary opening of a new exhibition space on Ponza Island, the artist Matteo Ponzi presents ” Super Moon, Notte 9 Marzo ” as the first inaugural series of the Collection.

The artworks is created by the artistic technique of fusione, alluminium. silicon, silver and bronze, it will be exposed to Ponzi Art Gallery.

Via del Pellegrino 85, Roma

Corso Pisacane 13. Ponza

+ 39 331 22 23 858

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